Adjustable SMT Carrier



This unique full process carrier can run thru screen printing, pick & place, reflow soldering, vision inspection and X-ray inspection.

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The PCB can be set to the center on the y axis and flush too slightly above the top surface of the carrier for screen printing.

This process carrier has removable inserts to allow the customer to raise and lower the board step for different thickness PCB’s

There is one fixed rail and one spring loaded rail that accommodates any PCB size and centers it in the smt carrier

On the carrier edges and the rail edges are clamps that retract below the PCB during screen printing but can be used for the rest of the process where vibration and heat can sometimes lift or warp the PCB. To activate simply push the clamp post from the bottom of the smt carrier and turn onto the PCB

Once the rails have been located to the desired position for PCB loading simply insert the locking pin and the rails cannot be removed preventing any chance of PCB shifting during the process.



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