Our Products
Maximum Simplicity & Ease of Use
  • Precision Jedic tray that protects the leads on the components.
  • Clear ESD covers available to store or ship components.
  • Our trays are more accurate and competitively priced over molded trays.
  • Holds 10 2x2 standard case packages for accurate location to SMD components.
  • Can locate 0402’s and smaller for pick and place machines.
  • Great to use for pcbs with many different case sizes.
  • Holds up to 10 different case sizes reducing set up time and cost of reels.
  • Great for prototyping when loose SMT components are provided.
  • Process carrier that holds short length component tapes for pick and place machines.
  • Used for prototype PCB’s or short run production of PCB's.
  • Holds standard component case sizes in a standard jedic tray.
  • Useful when component strips are too short for tape and reel in pick and place machines.
  • Manufactured to meet all Jedic specifications.  Each tray is custom made.

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