What Our Customers Say

"MB is one of our most dependable suppliers.  They are always conscious of the tight deadlines and precision in quality and on-time delivery required in the Automotive Industry"

"The team appears to have NAILED IT!"

"Wow!!!  Again, great job on the modifications."

"The Payback was immediate!"

"I don’t know of any other adjustable tooling that compares with the simplicity of this."

"Just received the 4 selective solder fixtures and they worked perfectly. All your assumptions were correct.  We did this without sample approval, which saved time and money.  Thank you."

"These pallets are working beautifully, near defect free!"

"For one project, we had 28 boards to tool up. We had to have an axial tool and an IC tool on each one of those board for a combined cost of $3000 per board or a total of $84,000. Instead, we put five insert-alls on five machines and did the entire job for $25,000."

"You can eliminate the need for expensive selective solder machines with selective solder pallets from MB Manufacturing."

"We're running the pallets you made for us, they are a complete success! Our operator loves them and the boards are coming out virtually defect free."

"I just received the LED fixtures you made for us, and I gotta say they are brilliant, especially the way you used our own standoffs as a hold down.  Please extend my thanks to everyone for a great job."

"Great service, please extend our thanks to everyone at MB Manufacturing."

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