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The low cost surface mount carrier used to hold PCB’s in place without tooling pins.  The composite fixture is engineered to use flexible tabs that press the edges of the PCB into an accurate location. 

The Surface Mount Carrier for Screen Printing through Reflow shown here comes with a removable hold down bars.

Unique clamp on 1 side. The clamp uses 2 fixed pins and a spring plunger to hold the PCB in place. The spring plunger tension is adjustable.

Features 2 fixed pins and 4 low profile spring loaded hold down clamps; all of the components are flush with the top of the PCB during screen printing.

2 fixed pins and 2 spring loaded pins to hold a flex circuit in place for screen printing, pick & place, and reflow.

2 fixed pins flush with the top of the PCB allowing for full SMT processing.

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