Specs & Parameters
Design & Material Spec Sheets

MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET acc. to EC-directive 91/155/EEC
Date Printed: 29, October 1997
Issue Date: 94/01

  1. Chemical Characterization:

    Made from glass (approx. 65%) and cured thermosetting plastics

  2. Composition:

    Glass Mat: E-glass

    Resin system: thermosetting plastics

  3. Hazards Identification:

    Not classified as hazardous

  4. First-Aid Measures:

    In case of cut and scratch caused by the material, wash the wound with water and soap. Disinfections are useful.

  5. Fire-Fighting Methods:

    All kinds of fire fighting methods are useful. In case of fire, the following hazardous components can be produced: carbon-monoxide, carbon-dioxide

  6. Accidental Release Measures:

    Be inapplicable

  7. Storage and Handling:

    Store in a dry place. For cutting and drilling, we recommend a suction system; take care of dust explosions.

  8. Exposure Control and Personal Protection:


    CAS-Number                        Substance            List            Exposure Limit            Unit

    Be inapplicable

    Personal Protection:

    • Respiratory Protection: Suction system
    • Hand Protection: Skin Cream
    • Eye Protection: Useful
    • Body Protection:
    • Industrial Hygiene: No eating, drinking or smoking; Cleanliness necessary

  9. Physical and Chemical Properties:

    Appearance: Sheets; thickness > 3mm

    Color: Black

    Odor: Odorless

    Change of Condition:

    • Boiling Point: (c)
    • Melting Point: (c)
    • Flash Point: (c)
    • Auto-ignition Temperature: (c)
    • Explosion Limits: (vol.-%      Lower:   ____
    • Upper:   ____
    • Thermal Decomposition: (c)      at approx. 370 (thermo-gravimetry 10 c/min Heating Rate)
    • Vapor Pressure: (mbar) at 20C
    • Density: (g/acm³) at 20C
    • Viscosity: (mPa*s)
    • Solubility in Water: Insoluble

  10. Stability and Reactivity:

    Conditions to Avoid: formation of dust in the working area. Materials to avoid: strong oxidizing acids may destroy the material.

  11. Toxicological Information:

    The dust occurring from cutting and drilling processes is principally not toxic. Beginners may have skin irritations, however; there is a quick accustoming. Exceptional skin allergies: this person should be employed elsewhere.

  12. Ecological Information:

    No data available.

  13. Disposal Considerations:

    Normal industrial waste in accordance with local regulations, FRESH AIR.

  14. Transport Information: Road: No hazardous product

    Ship:                No hazardous product

    Plane:            No hazardous product

  15. Regulatory Information:      EC Risk Phrases: Not classified as hazardous

    EC Safety Phrases: Not classified as hazardous

  16. Other Information:

    The above-mentioned data corresponds to our present state acknowledge and experience. The safety data serves as description of the product in regards to necessary safety measures, they’d not guarantee the described chemical properties.

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