Specs & Parameters
Design & Material Spec Sheets
  1. Composite material: Durostone, thickness to be determined by our Engineers (3-4-5-6-8-10 or 12mm)

  2. Maximum pallet size is 20”W x 30”L, maximum overall pallet height is 2.0”, unless specified otherwise by Customer.

  3. Lip thickness is 0.080” +/- 0.010” on all four sides of pallet.

  4. Lip width is 0.25” +/- 0.025” on all four side of pallet.

  5. Maximum bottom side chamfer will always be taken per wall per aperture so as not to break thru any topside walls.

  6. *Floor thickness to be minimum of 0.100” unless otherwise specified by Customer.

  7. *Wall thickness to be a minimum of 0.040” unless otherwise specified by Customer.

  8. Stiffeners to be made of aluminum, 0.5”w x 0.5”h.

  9. Hardware for stiffeners to be made of stainless steel and assembled from top down.

  10. Turn Clamps to be assembled with stainless steel hardware and will be assembled from the top down, will be spring loaded and will have black caps on top.

  11. Hold down locations to be determined by MB Manufacturing.

  12. Inserts for composite fixtures to be 4.40 only, unless otherwise specified, and will NOT be exposed to the wave solder.

  13. Tapped holes for titanium fixtures to be 4.40, unless otherwise specified.

  14. Use of crossbars specified by Customer.

  15. MB-0400 style crossbars will be used with aluminum support hinge blocks for added durability.

  16. Component height must be provided when using plungers or pressure pads for component hold downs.

  17. Pressure pads to be made of same material as pallet and be spring loaded.

  18. Crossbars with plungers must have 3-4 plungers per bar, tips to be chamfered when specified by Customer.

  19. Leading and trailing edge stiffeners to be engraved with Customer tool number.

  20. Pallet to be engraved with tool number, vendor name, date, and pallet serialization number.

  21. All pallets are to be serialized with order quantities greater than one.

  22. Certificate of Compliance to be delivered with all fixtures.

  23. Copy of final drawing to be delivered with the fixture.

  24. Bottom of pallet to be slotted to reduce the effects of outgassing, to be milled in the direction board runs when possible. Criss-cross design to be used when Customer specifies deems necessary.

  25. Finger slots to be added on pallet to aid in PCB removal.

  26. Final approval is given upon receipt of Purchase Order number.

  27. All fixtures will be properly packaged.

*Pertain to Selective Solder Fixtures Only

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